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5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Love

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Secret Santa is a fun holiday tradition, yet with so many different personalities in the workplace, it may be challenging to come up with something that would appeal to every taste and interest. But worry not. Whichever workmate you pick this year, we will help you get them a gift that won’t end up collecting dust in their storage closet. Check out our roundup of Secret Santa gift ideas for the five people you’ll meet in every office. 

1. The coffee connoisseur

Twin Peaks coffee

Do you have a colleague whose desk is littered with coffee paraphernalia, and who operates a tiny java lab in your office kitchen? For the caffeine maniac of the team, make sure they have a proper vessel to sip their sacred brew from. Give them a mug featuring a photo or a fitting coffee quote. Pair it with a gourmet coffee sample, and voilà – your stocking stuffer is set!

2. The gadget-lover

fly away laptop

If your workmate is something of a a technology-loving fashionista, you could treat them to a custom laptop case. It would be a great way to help them keep their precious electronics safe and make them look great at the same time. Simply add a fun photo of you two or an uplifting message that will put a smile on their face even on the busiest of days.

3. The office latecomer


Every office has one. What better way to help them keep track of all important events than with a calendar? Give it an extra personal touch by putting those hilarious team building photos on every page. You can also add custom dates, including birthdays of your teammates. That means no-one will fly under the radar of the notoriously awkward office birthday celebrations anymore. (Our sincere condolences to all the office introverts.)

4. The smartphone addict

Pretty Little Liars

Your millennial workmate is glued to their smartphone, buzzing and beeping their way through the day? Since they’re probably a lost cause, you might just as well turn a blind eye to their addiction and treat them to a custom phone case. Next time they sneakily look at their smartphone under their desk, they will smile a big grin reading a message you designed just for them.

5. The party animal

Ron Swanson dancing

It’s 9:15 and they’ve already invited you to after-work drinks. No wonder. Your office party animal seems to always be on the go, either on their way to work happy hours or making plans for the next big office get-together. If you want to surprise them with a personalized gift, opt for a photo poster. Make a collage commemorating the highlights from the annual Christmas party, including the drunken karaoke and the mind-numbing hangover the day after. They will be delighted – you can take our word for that.

What other office personality types have you seen in the workplace? Let us know in the comments!



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