5 Square Photo Display Ideas to Try at Home

OK, so you’ve mastered the art of snapping the most Instagrammable pics ever. How about turning them into tangible home décor to forever remember all the amazing people and places you’ve caught on camera? Check out 5 square photo display ideas to get your digital memories off the screen and into your home.

1. Magnetic Photo Board

It’s the perfect portable décor that allows you to have your favourite images close by. Stick your photos to it using either magnets or small strips of magnetic tape attached to the back of your prints. Use whatever space is left as a noticeboard for funny messages, love notes or postcards from abroad.

2. Clothespin Photo Garland

photo garland

Clip your favourite square photos onto a strand of string with baby clothespins. That way you can change them out easily whenever you want! You can also use binder clips for the same purpose. Feel free to clip other things, too, like flowers or tickets, or any other little mementos, and hang your garland up on the wall for everyone to enjoy!

3. Collage Poster

photo poster

Use a collage poster to put all of your favourite square memories in the spotlight. You can arrange your images in a perfect grid or mix sizes in a more organic layout. With the right frame, a photo poster will make the artwork within it stand out on any wall.

4. Home Gallery

square photos

Skip the frames and secure your photos right to the wall instead. If you’re going for the art gallery look, you can achieve it by arranging your photos in one row over the other to form a neat square. It’s like having your own analogue Instagram feed above your head!

5. DIY Photo Album

DIY photo album

If you are an entry-level DIY enthusiast, simply punch two holes through the left side of a stack of paper sheets. To bond them into your album, loop a string or ribbon through the holes and tie a knot. If you’re up for a more challenging project, try our popsicle stick photo album tutorial instead.

Instagram lovers can print their best shots with our InstaPhotos – they’re already in the right format!



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