How to make a popsicle stick photo album

A popsicle stick photo album is a fun and easy way to hold on to those summer memories as the days grow shorter. It is also a great craft for children during their summer break and a perfect gift to friends or family members. With a little bit of time and creativity, you can have your very own popsicle stick photo album, too! 

For this DIY project you will need:

– popsicle sticks (preferably 13.5 cm long)

– acrylic paints

– watercolour paper

– stationary embosser or self-adhesive letters

– cutting die (e.g. butterfly cutting die)

– self-adhesive washi tapes

– scrapbook paper

– string

– scissors

– strong glue (e.g. silicone glue)

– cardboard

– InstaPhotos

Step 1

To fit 10×10 InstaPhotos, we will be using 13.5 cm long sticks.

To create the front cover of your album, line up 9 popsicle sticks side by side. Next, lay 2 popsicle sticks across, horizontally. Using scissors, cut the excess off of the two horizontal sticks, as shown in the picture below. Repeat the whole process for the back cover of your album.

popsicle stick photo album

Step 2

Decorate popsicle sticks as you please. You can paint them, cover in scrapbook paper or embellish with washi tape for a more colourful and festive look. Once you’re done decorating, glue your sticks to a backing board made of a piece of cardboard previously cut to the required size.

popsicle stick crafts

Step 3

Glue your last popsicle stick diagonally from top to bottom, as shown in the picture below. Make the most of your front cover by sprucing it up with fun accents like embossed or self-adhesive lettering. You can add a tiny key on a string for that extra vintage look!

popsicle stick photo album

Step 4

Cut out 22×11 sheets of watercolour paper, then fold each of them in half along the length. These will be the pages of your album. Cut out narrow strips of paper and fold them in half along the length to serve as hinges. Attach each double folded page to the next by means of a hinge glued along the edge, as shown in the picture below.

DIY photo album

Step 5

Glue the front and back pages of your album onto the popsicle stick covers. Decorate the pages with die-cut butterflies, stickers or other embellishments. Now, you can fill your album with your favourite summer snaps and enjoy them all year long!

popsicle stick photo album



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